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Configure Dial-Up Networking in Windows NT

[Step 1:] Select 'Dial-Up Networking' from the Windows NT 'Start' Menu

[Step 2:] If this is the first time you have selected Dial-Up Networking, then you will get the following pop-up window. Press 'OK' to move on to the 'Phonebook entry' screen.

[Step 3:] If this is not the first time you have created a Dial-Up Networking connection, then you will see the 'Phonebook entry' screen immediately. Press the New button.

[Step 4:] At the New Phonebook Entry window follow these instructions:

  • Enter an 'Entry name' (MyDialUpServer2, in this example)
  • Enter the 'Phone number' depending on your area. See Dialup Access Numbers.
  • Click on the arrow for the drop-down box 'Dial Using:'
  • Select your modem from the list if it's not selected, already.
  • Then select the Server tab.

[Step 5:] Under the Server tab deselect both the 'IPX/SPX compatible' and 'NetBEUI' protocols as below and press OK.

[Step 6:] You have now created your Dial-Up Networking connection. You can now test the connection by clicking the Dial button.