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Configure Dial-Up Networking in Windows XP

OS Versions: Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional

[Step 1:]
Click on the Start button, at the bottom left corner of your screen
[Step 2:]
Click on Control Panel
[Step 3:]
If you have a Switch to Classic View link, click on it
[Step 4:]
Double-click on Network Connections

[Step 5:]
Click on Create a new connection

[Step 6:]
After the New Connection Wizard comes up, click Next

Select Connect to the internet

Click Next

[Step 7:]
Select Set up my connection manually

Click Next

[Step 8:]
Select Connect using a dial-up modem

Click Next

[Step 9:]
Type 'Argon' in the ISP Name box

C lick Next
[Step 10:]
Type a phone number depending on your area. Do use parentheses, dashes, or spaces.
See Dialup Access Numbers

Click Next
[Step 11:]
Type your username in the User name box without spaces and all in lower case
Type in your password in the Password and Confirm password boxes without spaces and all in lower case

Click Next

[Step 12:]
Check the box next to Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop

Click Finish