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Configure Email in Outlook Express

1. Double-click Outlook Express icon.

2. Click on Tools .

3. Click on Accounts

4. Click on the tab labeled Mail .

5. Click on the Add button.

6. Click on Mail

7. In the Display name: box, type in your real name (this is the name that shows up along with your e-mail address when you e-mail someone). Click Next .

8. In the Email address: box, type in your e-mail address ; for example, joe@argontech.net. Remember to use your own username ? not joe! Click Next .

9. Incoming mail server is a POP3 server . Make sure you have POP3 in the box and not IMAP.

10. Incoming mail (POP3) and outgoing mail (SMTP) server names should both be mail.argontech.net

11. Click Next.

12. Account name : should be selected if not, then, type in your email username which is the first part of your email. For example: If you email is joe@argontech.net then your email username is joe).

13. Type in your Email Password .

17. Click Next. Click Finish .

18. You may test it to see if it works by sending an e-mail addressed to yourself.