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Configure Email in Outlook XP/2002

[Step 1:]
Open Microsoft Oultook XP/2002.

Click on the Tools menu.
[Step 2:]
Click on Rules Wizard.

If Rules Wizard is not an option click on the downward-pointing arrows, at the bottom of the menu, to show the entire contents.
[Step 3:]
Click on New....
[Step 4:]
Select Start creating a rule from a template.

Select Move message based on content.

[Step 5:]
Click on specific words.

[Step 6:]
Under Specify words or phrases to search for in the subject or body: type ***SPAM*** as shown in the screenshot to the right.

Click Add.

Click OK.

[Step 7:]
Click on specified.

[Step 8:]
Under Choose a folder: select Deleted Items.

Click OK.

[Step 9:]
Click Finish.

[Step 10:]
Your new rule should appear as ***SPAM***.

Click OK.

Any new email you get from now on that has the phrase '***SPAM***' anywhere in the subject or body will autmatically be sent to the Deleted Items folder.